We take away the risk of over-spending on Mobile Applications. We provide Monthly Subscriptions for wide range of Mobile Apps.

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You are at where the best Mobile app experience starts!

Your customers are on mobile. And, we provide what you need convert them!

Advanced Mobile Shopping Tech. Always!

Since the very beginning, we have been offering the best mobile tech with the most polished and ultra modern features that helps you in selling more! We work round the clock effortlessly to provide you with more benefits and valuable tools for your business every single day. Thus, we ensure that your mobile app is getting even better every month!

Simple and automated

Running and controlling an online business is already intense and challenging. Hence, we are here to make your job easy. With Supersecure, you will see how effortless it is to build, launch and manage a mobile app for your business. Your day-to-day keeps easy, so you can focus more on what really matters and grow your business. Improve productivity. Awesome, isn’t it?


You know that your customers will not be satisfied with mediocre. We know it too!

Drive Digital Growth Through Notifications

We have everything that you need to make it happen. Supersecure got you coverd

If You Have News For Your Customers, We Have ‘Good News’ For You, Too!

Assume that you have a special offer for your loyal customers. Why wait for them to visit your web store or check their inbox?

Catch their attention with an Unlimited push notification sent straight to their phone. Your campaigns will be 10x more effective with push notifications than emails.

Now Abandoned Carts Have A Voice!

No one likes to be abandoned, and that goes for shopping carts, too! With our automated abandoned-cart push notifications, we never leave the shopping carts stranded or silent.

If a cart gets abandoned, your app will automatically send a push notification after the time you have set passes. It reminds the customer about their cart and increases the sales up to 4x times

Pleasant Experience Makes A Vast Impact!

According to Woocommerce, there are critical measures that help in increasing the constancy of your customers drastically. Quick, comprehensive, friendly interactions and a proactive approach increase the loyalty of customers up to 35%! Great, isn’t it?

Supersecure offers you the In-app Messaging feature (SMS/Whatsapp) to create these impacts. It allows your customers to reach out to you directly while shopping in your app. Hence, you can always help your customers in real-time. This way, your customer’s satisfaction is always under your warranty!


They are all inspired by you and created to help you grow!


Push Notifications

Drive more traffic to your mobile app and increase revenue with rich push notifications. Save on your marketing budget! Available for all plans. It’s free and unlimited. No hidden costs!



Bring along your essential apps with you! Supersecure set of integrations provide everything you need to have a perfect mobile store from loyalty to social proof and much more!


In App Chat

Online shoppers have no time to wait for answers. With in-app chat, you can give responses to your customer quicker than email and convert more with conversational marketing!


AI Personal Shopper

What if your shoppers had a steady stream of personalized recommendations based on their unique history?  Watch your customers get hooked on the stream of recommendations from their very own AI personal shopper. Drive engagement and watch sales rise.


Theme Options

One type fits none! Your store and brand are unique. So we prepared different layout options for different purposes and store styles. Check out the alternatives easily and pick the best for your store!



From the get-go and thereafter, you will feel ease, comfort, and confidence. Our merchant-inspired clean dashboard, and best-in-class customer service will take your standards to another level!

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Bizness Square Building 5th Floor, CWV, 16, Hitech City Rd, Laxmi Cyber City, Whitefields, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081


Bizness Square Building 5th Floor, CWV, 16, Hitech City Rd, Laxmi Cyber City, Whitefields, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081

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